Chemplast Sanmar

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Chemplast Sanmar is one of the important petrochemical company under the Sanmar Group. The main manufactured items of the company are like the PVC Resins and the products related to it. Chemplast Sanmar is one of the most integrated chemical plants in the country with their business strategy based on the twin process of forward and backward integration.

The main business sectors of the Chemplast Sanmar are PVC, Chlorochemicals and Piping Systems. The total product range of Chemplast Sanmar can be divided into six groups, such as -
  • PVC Resins
  • Caustic Soda or Chlorine
  • Chlorinated Solvents
  • Refrigerant Gases
  • Silicon Wafers
  • Trubore Piping Systems
The main manufacturing centers of Chemplast Sanmar are located at different parts of Tamil Nadu like Mettur, Panruti and Ponneri and Karaikal in Pondicherry. Regarding the PVC operations of Chemplast Sanmar, it should be noted that the company have achieved a high bench-mark in the polymar chemistry of PVC manufacture. The advanced technology used for high grade PVC Resin products is from B F Goodrich, USA. The various PVC Resin products are:

  • Battery Separator Resins
  • Copolymer Resins- available in two grades
  • Suspension Resins- available in five grades
  • Paste Dispersion Resins- available in three grades
Regarding the manufacture of the Pipes the Chemplast Sanmar has a manufacturing unit at Ponneri near Chennai where a wide variety of pipes of around 25,000 tonnes per year are produced. In the market, the pipes of Chemplast Sanmar are known as the brand name of Trubore Piping Systems. Some of the varieties of the Piping Systems are like -
  • Pressure Pipes
  • Casing and Screen Pipes
  • SWR Pipes
  • Plumbing Pipes
  • Conduits
Regarding the Chlorochemicals Division of Chemplast Sanmar, a wide range of chlorine derivatives or chlorine users are produced there. Some of the main varieties of Chlorochemical products are:
  • Caustic Chlor
  • Metkem Silicon
  • Mettron
  • Solvents like chloromethanes, chloroethanes and silicon products
The petrochemical company, Chemplast Sanmar, is the pioneering manufacture unit producing Paste Grade Resins inIndia. Moreover, inIndia after applying the advanced technological knowledge from ICI of the United Kingdom, it has also become the sole manufacturer of Battery Separator Grade Resins and Copolymer Suspension Resins. It is also the largest producer of chloromethanes inIndia.

Contact Details: Registered Office address :
9, Cathedral Road,
Chennai - 600 086
Phone : + 91 44 2812 8500 Fax : + 91 44 2811 1902
Email: [email protected]

Last Updated on 13 December 2011