Haldia Petrochemicals Plant

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Haldia petrochemicals plant is a new, medium sized venture which is developing new marketing strategies and is already on a growth trajectory. Haldia petrochemicals plant is on the verge of becoming a major player in the petrochemicals market with its focus on enhanced customer service.

The Haldia plant is a naphtha-based plant and has been designed in the most modern way. The plant is located 125 kilometers from Kolkata in West Bengal. The products manufactured are Polypropylene, Polyethylene-both low and high density, and other chemicals.

The Haldia plant is dedicated to reliable supply of petrochemicals, maintaining quality in its products, technical support, and quality after sales service. Haldia petrochemicals emphasizes several key factors for facilitating wider distribution such as bridging the gap between the demand and supply, predicting a possibility of supply of petrochemicals exceeding demands.

The plant is also aiming at increasing the per capita consumption of petrochemicals, equipping petrochemical plants with latest technology, and setting up new plants to cater to the world at large. The major manufacturing units of Haldia petrochemicals are High Density Polyethylene, Naphtha Cracker Unit, Butadiene Extraction Unit, ABB LUMMUS, Benzene Extraction Unit, Polypropylene, Cyclopentane, and Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit.

The plant is promoted jointly by three major bodies viz., Tata Group, WB Industrial Development Board, and Chatterjee Petrochem Co. Ltd. Haldia petrochemicals are well known for the quality services and products available. There is due importance given for meeting customer needs and understanding the expectations of customers. The simplest way by which the plant management team ensures this is by:

  • Establishing an efficient monitoring system
  • Bringing about a system of quality control
  • External and internal customer surveys
  • Internal assessments
  • Internal audit work

The marketing network of Haldia plant is spread through four regional offices and eight area offices for the polymers polypropylene, polyethylene-both linear and high density. While benzene, Carbon Black Feedstock, Cyclopentane, Pyrolysis Gasoline, and Butadiene are the other chemicals marketed in Kolkata itself.

Haldia petrochemicals plant is well known for its worker friendly environment which has been certified byIndian Chemicals Manufacturers Association,Indian Chamber of Commerce, 2002-2003, West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Confederation ofIndian Industry. It provides full safety for its workers.

Last Updated on 13 December 2011