Food Processing Industry

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The Food Processing Industry is one of those industries which has a number of petrochemical applications. The basis of packaging and preservation solely depends on the petrochemical products.

The Food Processing Industry is one of the newly emerged industries inIndia. The latest methods of food processing, preservation, packaging has made it easier for the consumers. The packaging mainly is in form of petrochemical based products like plastic. Many of the chemicals derived from the petrochemicals are also used as preservatives for food products for longer period storages.

Plastic packaged food items are making shopping adventures fast, less time and energy consuming. Packaging is can be customized according to for each of the products which can be preserved and transported with tremendous ease. Inside the plastic packaging, the food has no chances of getting contaminated by either organic growth or chemical contaminants. So the packaging serves as an assurance to the consumers on the edibleness of the food.

Petrochemical based food processing and packaging has become popular for its feasibility. The transportation used for dispersion of food products can carry much more payload when the food is packaged in plastic material. So the number of trips is cut down and that saves a lot of fuel. It also helps the environment to be less polluted. Even the plastic packaged food items are easier to disperse as it does not need special care in handling. Food processing has even reduced food spoilage due to lack of refrigeration, proper distribution.

Different types packaging:

  • Tetra Pack, used mainly for liquid food items like milk, fruit juices, squashes, oils, etc
  • Blister Pack, used mainly for chocolates, puddings, etc
  • Pouch Pack, used mainly for jams, chips, biscuits, etc
  • Plastic Pack, used mainly for fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, etc

Petrochemicals are also used as additives, flavoring agents, preservatives in the Food Processing Industry. Flavoring agents duplicate tastes while the preservatives stores food for a longer period of time. These preservatives facilitate the availability of different exotic food items which are not local to a particular place.

Last Updated on 13 December 2011